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August 30, 2020
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DSR(Direct Seeding Rise)


The BWE DSR is used for planting seeds of Rice direct in the fields without any preparation or wet field and it also maintains plant to plant spacing in a row. saves a lot of time and men power.

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DSR(Direct Seeded Rice)

Rice can be directly seeded either through dry or wet (peregrinated) seeding. Dry seeding
of rice can be done by drilling the seed into a fine seedbed at a depth of 2-3 centimeters.
Wet seeding requires leveled fields to be harrowed and then flooded (Puddling). The field
is left for 12-24 hours after Puddling, then germinated seeds (48-72 hours) are sown using
a drum seeder. Seed can be broadcast for either dry or wet seeding,

Land preparation

  • Plow the fields during summer to control emerging weeds
  • Leveling the fields well facilitates uniform irrigation and better germination

Seed depth and soil moisture

  • The optimum depth of seed:2-3 cm. The seed should be covered by soil for proper
    germination and to avoid bird damage.
  • In lowlands and finer textured soils, planking may not be necessary after seeding.
  • The soil moisture content at seeding should be sufficient for proper germination
  • Surface mulch: helps retain soil moisture longer to improve emergence and reduce weed menace

Seed rate and cultivars for DSR

  • Seed rate:20 to 25 kg/ha, in general
  • Fine-grain and Basmati cultivars require much less seed early to medium short-duration cultivars having early vigor

Seeding time

  • Drill the dry seed of normal rice at the start of the monsoon i.e. when farmers put seed into a nursery bed
  • May 3rd week to June 2nd week

Benefits of DSR

  • Avoids repeated puddling, preventing soil degradation and plow-pan formation
  • Facilitates timely establishment of rice and succeeding crops as the crop matures 10-15 days earlier
  • Saves water by 35-40%, reduces production cost by Rs 3000/ha, and increases yields by 10%
  • Saves energy: labor, fuel, and seed Solves labor scarcity problem and reduces the drudgery of labors
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