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straw reaper with multispeed gear
ksa Straw Reaper with multi speed gear box
November 30, 2021
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KS 6300 mini

KS 6300 mini


The efficient design of KS 6300 offers an elegant harvester specifically designed to meet the needs of the indigenous,foreign and muddy fields. This harvesting unit is driven by a strong engine and a 765 mm length of the drum in the front for a higher cutting and aggregation rate of crops. The weight of the equipment is 4650 kg(Approx.). Its wheeling system makes it glide on any field condition without any hassle so that harvesting the new yield does not demand too much time.

The axle flow straw system has the supreme capability of harvesting 1-1.25 acres of what every hour. This equipment is also very effective in harvesting 1-1.15 acres of paddy yield every hour. The ground clearance also allows the farmers to collect fallen crops too. KS 6300 is the ideal choice for wheat, paddy, sunflower, and other crops. Every purchase comes with relentless customer support from the KS Agrotech PVT. LTD.

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