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green gold 4 wheel drive combine harvester
KS 513 TD Green Gold 4wd Combine Harvester
September 28, 2019
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Tagetto 220 Wheel

Tagetto 220 Wheel


Introducing the latest Tagetto 220 Wheel, specifically built for the farmers to tackle dry and wet crop harvest in no time. This new model has a 53” drum and is driven by exemplary agricultural equipment delivering immense power to harvest a huge field in no time. This specific implement is designed to deliver power and accuracy at the same time. It has the capacity of 1 – 1.25 acre harvesting a wheat field per hour.

It also shows an immense performance in a paddy field by offering a harvesting rate of 1 acre per hour capacity. The straw system built and integrated into this brilliant equipment contains an axle flow design. The effective cutting rate and accumulation of the harvested grain decrease the rate of spoilage to a minimum. The design is essentially fabricated to overcome the challenges offered by the crop fields in different climates. Tagetto 220 Wheel is the ideal machine to go for.

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