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Bhagwan Engineering Works (BEW) is one of the leading agricultural equipment and implements manufacturers in India that addresses the basic agricultural necessities by providing eminent solutions since 1968. KS Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. has remarkably outreached to the farmers and professionals in this industry with its benevolent practices and elegant solutions. Since the advent of the farmer-friendly brand, the scenario of the agricultural industry in India and other countries has changed to a considerable extent. The company dedicates its resources to procuring the best technologies and innovations from all over the world to integrate and customize our agricultural equipment design as per the specific requirement of the indigenous fields. Every crop has a distinct need for versatile equipment so that the cultivation and harvest become an easy affair for the farmers. There are many requisites in this field that a farmer finds important so that the entire venture becomes quite convenient. Our team has dedicated its time, experience, and resources to the fabrication of multipurpose cultivation equipment that the farmers can use proficiently. These implements and equipment are specifically designed to meet the need of reaching a higher level of efficiency by reducing the volume of wastage and attaining a brilliant procedure of cultivation in the long run.

The brilliant innovations from BEW such as KS Crop Thresher, KS paddy Straw Chopper, KS Straw Reapers, tractor driven combine harvesters, laser land levelers, etc have provided an efficient way to the entire community of the farmers to use their resources, time, and hard work proficiently and make a great harvest every time. Our team works hard relentlessly to focus on the betterment of the designs by listening to the specific requirements of the farmers. A solution is drawn from the comprehensive study of the problems faced by the farmers every day. The latest trends and innovations used in the leading countries are considered so that the solution can be more effective and beneficial for the users. The team focuses mainly on the high performance of the machines, the efficiency of their modus operandi, and the capabilities of the designs. Every single step of the farming process is widely considered and traversed in order to develop a broader sense. The professionals then study elaborately the specific conditions a farmer has to go through while tilling, sowing, cutting, and harvesting the crops so that the machines can become a great asset for the farmers. The implements and customized equipment prove to be very effective to handle a high volume of harvest in no time. The time-efficient and cost-effective infrastructure provided by BEW offers a remarkable platform for the farmers to tackle the daily challenges faced in a crop field.

Why choose our agricultural implements and equipment?

As mentioned earlier, we have become a recognized brand for the farmer community in India and abroad because of our real-time solutions for all the challenges faced by the farmers to cultivate their vast lands. Our unique range of efficient agricultural equipment and implements for harvesting different crops has made us the ultimate choice for the farmers in India. The specific reasons why we have become a household name are mentioned below.

High durability and tolerance level

We have fulfilled our wish to provide highly durable and extremely versatile types of equipment to all the harvesting needs of a farmer. Our eminent implement designs have made the days better for the farmers. They have used our agricultural equipment for decades to yield better harvests. All the implements and equipment in our infirmary are extremely sturdy to handle the long-term wear and tear without stopping performing in the field. All our agricultural equipment needs less maintenance and does not become a burden on the farmers during the cultivation season.

Performance optimized

It is our innate quality of understanding the problems and challenges a cultivator faces to handle a specific crop. Considering all the factors including the soil type, terrain, type of crops, etc, we have successfully fabricated the best designs and manufactured the ideal machines for the sole purpose to solve the particular issues. With our brilliant innovations and customizations, a farmer can now easily overcome the challenges in a time-effective way and meet the increasing demand in the market. Final words BEW is proud to take part in the agricultural revolution in India and abroad. We are grateful to become a part of the agricultural industry of a rapidly-growing economy in the world. It is our prime duty to make better machines and provide better solutions to our farmers and take a step ahead towards a brighter future.

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