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September 28, 2019
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September 28, 2019
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Paddy Thresher

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Paddy Thresher


Paddy Thresher Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers in Punjab

Why worry when you have the best Paddy Thresher beside you to serve? This new design of thresher is capable of handling other crops like peas, soya beans, wheat, and other small grains and seed crops. The thresher is built in such a way that it can be used for maximum threshing within a short span of time with a huge accuracy. The machine easily cleans remnant straws and chaffs from the cluster and gives you a pile of freshly threshed harvest to sell.

The enhancement can be run with a tractor delivering power 45 HP or more. It can also be carried to a distant location using the high quality wheels. The speed can be easily adjusted so that you can control the process. There are two blowers in the design that offers ample convenience in the process. This new thresher is the ideal harvest equipment for the farmers. You can contact to BEW India customer support numbers to buy Paddy Thresher machine.

Paddy Thresher Machine Technical Specifications


Paddy Thresher


Tractor Pto Driven

Powered Required

Above 45 H.p





Overall Dimension (approx.)


4100 MM


1570 MM


2380 MM

Thresher Drum I Dimension (approx.)


850 MM


1800 MM

No. of Blower


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