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September 28, 2019
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September 28, 2019
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Happy Seeder

Happy Seeder


Happy Seeder Machine – Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers

The best enhancement for sowing seeds and spreading fertilizer in the field is the Happy Super Seeder machine. It can be attached and run with a tractor delivering power 50 HP or more. There are ten times to sow seed or spread fertilizer and maintain a proper row distance of 228 mm. These implements can be easily attached and can deliver a high rate of sowing in the field without any disturbance in the integrity of the soil. In fact, the machine enhancement makes a farmer capable of sowing wheat just after harvesting rice from the same field. happy seeder price in Punjab is budget-friendly

The eco-friendly design of the best happy seeder enables farmers to save water. The mass of this agricultural equipment is 650 kg. Happy Seeder is the ideal customized enhancement for wheat sowing in a paddy field after the harvest is done. BEW India provides the Happy Seeder Machine at the best price in Punjab, India. BEW India provides the Happy Seeder Machine at best price in Punjab, India.

Technical Specifications of Happy Seeder Machine

Power Source

50 Hp Or Above Tractor

Hitch Type

Three Point Linkage

No. Of Tynes

10 NOS

Row To Row Distance

228 MM

Type Of Furrow Openers

Inverted T- Type

Rotat Shaft Diameter

137.90 MM

Type Of Blades

Rectangular One Pair In Form Of Inverted

Metering Mechanism

For Seeds

Fluted Roller

For Fertilizer

Fluted Roller


1750 MM


2640 MM


1555 MM

Mass (KG.)

650 KG (approx.)

Happy Seeder Special Feature

  • Possibility of sowing wheat crop just after rice harvesting i.e. option for long-duration wheat and rice varieties.
  • Possibility of sowing wheat in the residual moisture i.e. saving of one irrigation.
  • Timely sowing wheat even after long-duration basmati rice varieties.
  • Crop residue as much helps in moisture and temperature conservation.
  • Improved soil health.
  • Environment-friendly technology to check air pollution.
  • Subsidy & Finance Available*

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