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September 28, 2019
KS 9300 – Maize Special
KS 9300 Maize Special
September 28, 2019
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Laser Land Leveler

Laser Land Leveler


Laser Land Leveler – Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers

BEW India Laser land leveling is a laser-guided technology used to level fields by removing soil from high points of the field and depositing it in low points of the field. Laser land leveling improves crop establishment and enables crops to mature uniformly. This newly designed land leveler from BEW India is the ideal addition to a farmer’s infirmary. The leveler has a length of 7 feet and can quick leveling saving a lot of water during the process. The eco-friendly setup is ideal for saving around 30% water and provider a perfect platform for sowing seed, germination, and crop handling. The land leveler is laser-guided so as to deliver a uniform outcome. Its design can be easily configured and attached to your present tractor for operation. BEW India deals in Laser Land Leveler manufacturers in Punjab, India at the best price.

Special Features

  • Saves irrigation water more than 30% due
    to uniform distribution
  • Increase productivity up to 50 % due to
    good germination and growth of crop
  • Increase in field areas by 3.5 %
  • Uniform moisture environment for crops
  • Heavy savings in labor cost and efforts of hiring
  • Precise level, smoother soil surface & better
    top soil management
  • Subsidy & Finance Available*

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