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Paddy Straw Chopper

Paddy Straw Chopper


Paddy Straw Chopper – Manufacturers, Exporters and Distributors

BEW India Paddy Straw Chopper cum shredder can easily chop the crop residue like the straw of paddy, (fresh/dry) very nicely. This machine was developed to chop and mix paddy stalks left behind after harvesting of paddy crop by combine harvesters. With the use of chopped paddy stalks are shred and converted into small pieces and spread over the field which later mixes into the soil of field it becomes organic fertilizer which is very useful for soil.

  • Wheat
  • Paddy
  • Sunflower
  • Soyabean
  • Grams & Pulses

Heavy chassis, a unique designed straw Outlet for easy flow of straw, Heavy P.T.O lack, easily drawable Straw grain storage tray, Heavy Transmission Gear, Stone trip to prevent stone entry, Backlight provided for night operation and last but not the least a perfect Computer Balanced Machine as all the rotatory parts balanced independently.

BEW India: Best Paddy Straw Chopper

Bhagwan Engineering Works (BEW) India is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in India. Our company is a part of the KS Group. We apply the best technology while making these types of machinery. BEW India aims at providing the farmers with the best technology ever. We dedicate our time to learn about the latest technologies from all over the world and then apply them to our equipment while designing and manufacturing.

It will be very costly for farmers to buy separate machines for every crop. That is why we provide you with multipurpose machines at a comparatively low cost. Our tools and machines are mainly designed to suffice the necessity of attaining a greater level of productivity by decreasing the amount of wastage and achieving an excellent cultivation system in the long run. You might be thinking about what the specialties of our company are. So, clearing your doubt, below are some of the features:

  • The durability of our machines is very high.
  • Our equipment can bear wear and tear for a comparatively more extended period than any other company’s agricultural equipment.
  • Our machines are designed keeping in mind all the factors like soil, terrain, type of crop, etc.

BEW India Paddy Straw Chopper is the top-selling machine. We have become the best Paddy Chopper suppliers in India due to the features mentioned above.

BEW is the Leading Paddy Chopper Manufacturers in India

Our paddy chopping machines are in great demand in India as well as foreign countries. Talking of India, we are the largest Paddy Straw Chopper manufacturers in Punjab, famous for farming across the country. Our Paddy Chopper can chop residues like straws of paddy with ease. The chassis attached to our Paddy Choppers is massive, and it contains a uniquely designed straw outlet to move the rubble out.

BEW has proved itself to be the best agricultural equipment supplier by keeping the promises we make regarding our machines. This is why India’s agricultural state, “Punjab” always chooses us to supply machines. This has made us one of the leading Paddy Chopper suppliers in Punjab.

Features of BEW India Paddy Straw Chopper

KS Paddy Straw Chopper price is the essential feature. We have kept our machines’ prices low so that even a medium farmer can afford the machines rather than compromising with his needs. KS Paddy Chopper is the most satisfying machine that will never let you feel down and compromise productivity and ease of farming. Our chopper has two categories of blades – nineteen and twenty. The maintenance box is designed with the newest technology. The box is foldable, due to which it is easy to maintain the system.

Other features include big clutch plates, cutter gear for grain separation, free tool kit, free spare part kit with the harvest, a computerized method of controlling the rotating parts, double-padded hydraulic brakes, and the power source is a tractor of 55 Hp or above.


Paddy Straw Chopper is among the most important crop across the globe. Rice obtained from paddy is used and consumed almost in every part of the world. Separating residues from paddy is a challenging task that cannot be done without the help of machines. Several companies provide the machines, but their price is too high. The Paddy Chopper price that our company provides is very reasonable. Even the agricultural state Punjab has said that our company’s Paddy Chopper price in Punjab is very affordable that even a small farmer can afford it. Our machines are not only in demand in India but also in foreign countries. Your satisfaction is our priority. We never compromise with providing you the best of us.

Paddy Straw Chopper Technical Specifications

Machine Type

Paddy Straw Chopper

Power Source

Tractor Of 55 Hp Or Above

Effective Cutter Bar Width

2100 MM

No. of Rows Of Sarrated Blades

Large Cylinder 14, Small Cylinder 06

On Chopping Cylinder

No Of Blades On Each Rows

19 & 20

Overall Dimensions (approx.)


3960 MM


2590 MM


1670 MM

Mass (KG.)

1985 (approx.)

Paddy Straw Chopper Machine Special Feature

  • Single sheet tail cover.
  • Folding elevator box for easy maintenance.
  • Sheet channel type light weight reel.
  • Double paddle hydraulic brake for easy turning.
  • Specially designed cutterbar can harvest fallen crop.
  • For safety side cover provided.
  • Powered by Ashok Leyland.
  • Heavy duty gear with 1312 big clutch plates.
  • Cutter gear for better grain separation.
  • Safe straw walker for better grain separation.
  • Safe & decorate operator cabin.
  • Manufactured with the help of KS Agrotech Private Limited. (An ISO-9001:2008 Certified Unit).
  • Free tool and spare part kit with harvest.
  • All rotating parts balanced by computerised balancing machine.
  • Registration (R.C. copy) and Bank Loan facility.
  • Subsidy & Finance Available*

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