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September 28, 2019
September 28, 2019
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Mud Loader

Mud Loader


Mud Loader Machine – Manufactures, Supplier and Distributors

The advent of our unique Mud Loader gives you the best way to get rid of mud from the field in no time and prepare it for another crop. After the cultivation is done or in the rainy season, the removal of mud becomes very necessary as the soil will lose its perfect aeration and moisture content. This is where the uniquely designed mud loader comes into action. BEW India provides the services of Mud Loader at the best price in Punjab, India. We offer the Mud Loader manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors in Punjab and other states.

This mud removal equipment comprises of a 1000 mm blade and a conveyer belt of length 5000 mm to grab and remove mud very quickly. Mud Loader Machine can be used in any condition of the field to remove excess mud and water very efficiently. The total weight of the mud loader is 1650 kg. The customized design is fabricated by the experts keeping the specific constraints of the fields in mind. Enjoy the versatility of the Mud Loader and the post-sales customer support from the team.

Mud Loader Suppliers in Punjab

Our Bhagwan Engineering Works (BEW) is one of the leading farming gears and executes makers in India that address the essential agrarian necessities by giving famous arrangements since 1955. It is a piece of KS Group, which has strikingly exceeded the ranchers and experts in this industry with its kindhearted practices and rich arrangements. It also serves the dedicated ranchers in and around the globe by planning and creating the ideal executes and apparatus needed for horticultural. 

Why BEW India?

We at BEW focus on giving the best hardware to oblige your requirements. We additionally send out our machine from the Mud Loaders manufacturers in India around the world. This implies that our administrations are not restricted to just India; we even fare items to foreign nations too. In India, we offer types of assistance all over the place, particularly in Punjab.

In the event that you have any questions concerning our Mud loaders suppliers in India, you can contact us on our mail, which is given underneath.  Additionally, you can likewise present the structure on our site by going with your contact subtleties, and we will hit you up as quickly as time permits. Our location and other contact subtleties are additionally accommodated for your reference and help because Customer feedback is our top priority, as your feedback will help us grow and reach even greater heights.

Why should you go for the BEW Mud Loader?

  • The approach of our special KS Mud Loader gives you the ideal method to dispose of mud from the field quickly and set it up for another yield.
  • After the development is done or in the windy season, the expulsion of mud turns out to be exceptionally essential as the dirt will lose its ideal air circulation and dampness content.
  • This is the place where the extraordinarily planned mud loader comes energetically. BEW India offers the types of the assistance of Mud Loader at the best cost in Punjab, India.
  • We offer the Mud Loader producers, providers, exporters, wholesalers and merchants in Punjab and different states too.

Some Features of the Mud Loader and BEW India

  • This mud evacuation gear involves a 1000 mm sharp edge and a transport line of length 5000 mm to snatch and eliminate mud rapidly. Mud Loader Machine can be utilized in any state of the field to eliminate abundance mud and water productively. The complete load of the mud loader machine – 1650 kg.
  • A personalized model is manufactured by professionals who take into consideration the unique requirements of the area. Appreciate the flexibility of a Mud Loader as well as the team’s after-sales client service.
  • We are an authentic company and sell goods approved by the government and ensure that it is safely delivered to you.
  • Our Mud Loader prices are reasonable and not overly expensive.
  • Our mud loader manufacturers in Punjab, also have a passionate team of client care executives who will answer any questions, and our mud loader comes at a very reasonable rate, which makes it affordable to the public.

Technical Specifications of Mud Loader

Blade Size

1000 MM


5000 MM


4400 MM


1120 MM


2950 MM


1650 KG.

Flap Size

500 x 5000 MM



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