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KSP Mulcher
KSP Mulcher
July 28, 2021
KSA straw reaper with multispeed gear
ksa Straw Reaper with multi speed gear box
November 30, 2021
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KSA 8500 4WD Combine Harvester

KSA 8500 4WD Combine Harvester


KSA 8500 4WD Combine Harvester

KS 8500 4WD – Self Propelled Multicrop Combine Harvester, is the best harvester machine available in India with a state of the art engineering technology for your agriculture fields. This 100% Made In INDIA Harvester is a power-packed machine powered by a BHARAT Stage 6 Diesel Engine manufactured by ASHOK LEYLAND. This harvester comes with Heavy Duty gear with Big Clutch Plates and Cutter gear for Cutter Blades movement. KS Group offers the Combine Harvester machine in India at the best price.

KS 8500 4WD is the True Multicrop Combine Harvester that can harvester multiple crops by making few mechanical/small component changes. KS 8500 4WD is one of the most successful 4 wheel Drive Harvester machine with a specially designed outer cutter bar that can Harvester fallen Crops. KS 8500 4WD Multicrop Combine is equipped with Straw Walker Technology and it comes with six straw walker for better Grain Separation. All the rotatory parts of this Harvesting Machine are balanced independently on advanced computerized machines.

Best Combine Harvest in India

BS6 / EURO 6 Compliant:
KS 9300 Combine Harvester is powered by a BHARAT Stage 6 (Also referred to as EURO 6) Diesel Engine. Bharat stage emission standards (BSES) are emission standards instituted by the Government of India to regulate the output of air pollutantion.

Parts and Service

KSA 8500 4WD Combine Harvester’s Spare Parts are easily available in the global market. The accessibility of Parts & Service KS Straw Reaper allows operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks and adjustments. Safety shields are easy to open access large areas to the KSA 8500 4WD Combine Harvester’s critical components and daily maintenance areas help reduce downtime. Belts and other wear components are changed in less time than it takes to service competitive units.


  •  Tested & Approved by Govt. of INDIA (Ministry of Agriculture)
  •  Best for Wheat & Paddy Harvesting.
  •  Automatic / Hydraulic Augur*.
  •  New Design & Graphix.
  •  Safety Sheilds for Extra Safety.
  •  Heavy Duty Body Structure.
  •  Specially designed tale.
  •  Folding elevator box for easy maintenance.
  •  Sheet channel-type lightweight reel.
  •  Right-hand levers are easy to operate.
  •  Specially designed CutterBar can harvest the fallen crops.
  •  Rear-axle beam type for more ground clearance.
  •  All rotating parts are balanced by computer balanced machine.
  •  Prompt After-Sale Service.
  •  Free Tool and Spare Part kit with harvest*.
  •  Subsidy & Finance Available from leading financial institutes in INDIA*
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