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Straw Reaper

BEW India Straw Reaper - Manufacturers, Distributor, Suppliers in Punjab

Straw Reaper

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KSA 756 DB Straw Reaper Machine – Manufacturers, Suppliers in Punjab

Straw Reaper is the ultimate agricultural equipment that offers a remarkable harvest rate for various kinds of crops. It has a heavy chassis to keep the operation stable even on uneven fields. Double blower technology is ideal for carrying on long-span harvesting processes. This combined harvester model is ideal for the Indian cultivation fields. Its design is approved by the government authorities in terms of efficiency and versatility. BEW India offers the Straw Reaper machine in India at the best price.

KS Group’s straw reaper is a unique straw outlet is designed for an easy unhindered flow of straw. The design also comes with a grain storage tray. In fact, the collector is also protected by a stone stopper. The backlight function allows the farmers to collect grains even at night. This latest Straw Reaper is the ideal deal for fellow farmers as it comes with immense post-sale support from BEW India. Enjoy its relentless service for a long period of time.

Best Straw Reaper in India

Bhagwan Engineering Works is a Punjab-based company that takes care of all your agricultural needs and provides you with high-quality machinery that you shall need while farming or some other farming processes. BEW is a Straw Reaper exporter in Punjab and exports its machinery all over the world. Additionally, we are also a part of the KS Group, which is extremely renowned in the agricultural sector. Our team successfully delivers its time, experience, and efforts to produce the best for you. We have fantastic team members who will never let you down.

What is a Straw Reaper?

Straw Reaper is used for threshing and cleaning the straw in one operation. It functions as a threshing machine and helps in cutting the straw as well. There are various advantages of using a Straw Reaper. Not only will you save a lot of your time and effort, but it will also help you perform your job more accurately.

As we at our Straw Reaper exporters in India, this machine will solve all the difficult problems.

A straw reaper is typically used to make straw from stubbles of wheat after the harvest.

Why Choose Straw Reaper from BEW India?

Our machine is constructed in a way that it would use less fuel consumption. The spare parts of our straw reaper are also very readily available if you wish to change a few pieces of the Staw Reaper.

Our machine by Straw Reaper Manufacturers in Punjab also comes at affordable prices; that is, Straw reaper price is quite reasonable. Hence it would be suitable for everyone. The nuts and bolts used in making our machines are made of high-intensity steel which does not rust easily. We have various sizes in which you can purchase our machine.

Our Straw Reaper is also available in 2 sizes. Those are –

  • 7 feet/56 inches.
  • 7.5 feet/62 inches.

You can choose any of these varieties according to your requirement. We also provide one year guarantee on our straw reaper. Our product is highly durable and would meet all your harvest requirements. Our machine does not contain any foreign or wrong materials; hence, we provide you with the best quality.

Specifications of BEW India Straw Reaper

We provide a sufficient cultivating width of 1905 mm, and our reaper weighs 460 kgs.

Our machine by Straw Reaper machine manufacturers has 48 blades and has a phenomenal cultivation capacity of approximately 1 acre per hour. The dimensions of our straw reaper are –

  • Length- 2435 mm
  • Width- 1370 mm
  • Height- 1055 mm

We also understand that making a significant investment in farming can be new and a huge decision to make. Which is why we provide complete assistance to you while you choose the machinery you want to purchase? We are straw reaper manufacturers in India and understand the use and recognize different parts of our machinery very well. Thus, we will guide you about every detail about our straw reaper and try our best never to disappoint our clients and customers.

BEW India Straw Reaper Specifications





No.of blower



1900kg (Approx)

Chopping Capacity:

Wheat 2-3 trolley per hour

Effective Width

2075 MM

Overall Dimensions (working)


3660 MM


2390 MM


2130 MM

  • Specially designed outer gear bearing support.

  • Heavy chassis.

  • Specially designed straw outer for easy flow of straw.

  • Stone trip to prevent stone entry.

  • Easily draw able grain storage tray.

  • Heavy transmission gear.

  • All rotating parts balancing machine.

  • Free tool and spare part kit with harvest.

  • Ensures prompt efficient after sale service.

  • Subsidy & Finance Available*

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2 reviews for Straw Reaper

  1. Yogesh

    Great Service by BEW India.
    Recommend by me

  2. Ladonna

    I truly love your site.. Great colors & theme.
    Did you create this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my very own blog and
    would love to know where you got this from or just what
    the theme is called. Many thanks!

    my web-site Chapeau Indiana Jones

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