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Rotavator/Rotary Tiller

Rotavator/Rotary Tiller


Rotavator Machine – Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers

BEW India Rotavator is the ultimate design of excellent enhancement to use in agricultural fields and remove the stubbles of sugarcane, banana, cotton, grass, vegetables, and other plants easily. The rotary tiller is ideal to clean the soil and make proper aeration for further plantation of crops. This tiller can be perfectly used with a tractor and can be run on both dry and wet fields without any hassle. The tiller design is specifically fabricated to ensure ample porosity of the compact soil. It will be very easy to rejuvenate the soil by increasing aeration, letting moisture pass and make the field ready for another harvest.

The Rotavator contains a heavy chassis to stay stable even in uneven field conditions. The rotating parts of the enhancement are balanced by the computerized feature so that the result is even. The team of BEW India offers relentless support to the farmers to ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment.

BEW India- Rotavator Manufacturers in India

Bhagwan Engineering Works (BEW) is a well-recognized brand for the farmers and agricultural industry in India as well as abroad. It is a Punjab based company which also exports its products to other countries. We are also rotavator manufacturers in Punjab. BEW India Rotavator or cultivator is used to make the land and soil ready for cultivation. It pierces into the earth as it is dragged vertically. It helps to improve soil fertility and also saves vast amounts of time and labor. It is a tillage machine that makes land ready to be cultivated. It is an economical as well as an extremely useful tool that can be used while farming.

Why Choose BEW Rotavator Machine?

Rotavator manufactured by us will help you make the perfect seedbed and help you farm and sow seeds more efficiently. It will help you break up the soil and also help in land leveling. It minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes perfection. The first step to farming is the preparation of the earth. The rotavator manufactured by us enables you to do this effectively without using large amounts of labor.

Our KS rotavator is also self-propelled and is capable of moving in linear lines on its own. The machine speed can also be controlled. Our rotavator is also very easy to use, and you would not need any prior experience to use our machinery. Will the help of our rotavator you can tile large pieces of land in a very short duration of time.

Various Types of Rotavators provided by BEW India

There are three main kinds of rotavators and our rotavator machine suppliers in Punjab manufacture each of them. You can choose the type of rotavator which will be best suited for you.

The three types of rotavators are:-

  • Light rotary tillers
  • Standard rotary tillers
  • Heavy-duty rotary tillers

Specifications of BEW India Rotavator

We provide a sufficient cultivating width of 1905 mm, and our rotavator weighs 460 kgs. 

Our machine has 48 blades and has a phenomenal cultivation capacity of approximately 1 acre per hour. Our KS rotavator price is exceptionally reasonable. The dimensions of our rotavator are – 

  • Length- 2435 mm
  • Width- 1370 mm
  • Height- 1055 mm

Our manufacturing team works hard day and night to provide you with the best machinery from our rotavator machine suppliers in India, around the world. All our machines are made with detailing and using high-quality products so that they don’t start wearing away with time and use. We also provide a 1-year warranty with our rotavator.

We also value your inputs and feedback. So feel free to write to us with any questions or concerns you may have. We give customer satisfaction the utmost importance, which is why we also have a team of customer service executives to talk to you and solve any problems you might be facing.

Technical Specifications of BEW India Rotavator

Effective cultivating width

1905 mm


460 kg.

No.of blades


Cultivation capacity

1 Acre Per Hour (approx)

Overall Dimensions

(7 feet.)


2435 mm


1370 mm


1055 mm

Available Size

5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet & 8 feet

Rotavator Machine Special Features

  • Heavy chassis.

  • All rotating parts balancing machine.

  • Ensures prompt efficient after sale service.

  • Side Gear Box / Chain Drive

  • Subsidy & Finance Available*

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