MD’s Message

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MD's Message

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure to communicate with you for the first time since assuming the responsibility as Managing Director of KS Agrotech Private Limited.
Since founded in 1968, KS Agrotech PVT. LTD. has achieved new levels of growth through inventing a wide range of Agricultural products that remarkably outreached to the farmers and professionals in this industry with its benevolent practices and elegant solutions. Since the advent of the farmer-friendly brand, the scenario of the agricultural industry in India and other countries has changed to a considerable extent. After shouldering the responsibility at KS Agrotech, I would like to leverage my experience and aid KS Agrotech to achieve new project success in the present agricultural sectors.
With our experienced workforce, we, KS Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., always welcome the opportunities afforded to us to demonstrate our services. We will continue to strive and accomplish projects by overcoming challenging business environments like unavoidable risks, challenging schedules, unpredictability in the market, etc. Our overriding objective is to treat our esteemed clients best so that their relationship with our businesses is mutually beneficial. KS Agrotech is honoured to have all the stakeholders appreciating the commitment towards project execution and successful completion of complex agricultural Products. Hence, delivering the best agricultural implements to our clients becomes our pride and I assure you that we urge you to strive for the execution of projects and related activities with the same dedication and commitment.
We believe in ‘SAFETY FIRST’ and we are committed to keeping people health and safety in the first place. Hence I request all of you to take good care of yourself.

Thank You and Regards,
Nirmal Singh,
Managing Director,
KS Agrotech Private Limited

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