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March 6, 2021
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KSA 8500 4WD Combine Harvester
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KSP Mulcher

KSP Mulcher


KSP Mulcher – A Product of KS Group.

Burning residual emancipation pollution results in environmental pollution. The solution is KS Group’s KSP Mulcher. The KSP Mulcher is an agricultural machine that is power through PTO by a tractor. KSP Mulcher is a very simple and reliable machine for cutting stubbles of Paddy, Wheat, Sugar Cane, etc. The most notable thing about this device is that it helps in maintaining soil fertility. This is a special type of shear instrument that is run by putting the tractor behind the double clock with 50 Horse Power. It helps tremendously in cutting the residues of crops.

The KSP Mulcher is very helpful to cut straw and stalks. These cutting of green fodder, cutting of banana crop, cutting vegetable residues in smaller pieces, and cutting it in high grass and small shrubs are also used.


KSP Mulcher’s Spare Parts are easily available in global market. The accessibility of Parts & Service KSP Mulcher allows operators to quickly perform daily maintenance tasks and adjustments. Safety shields are easy to open access large areas to the KSP Mulcher’s critical components and daily maintenance areas help reduce downtime. Belts and other wear components are changed in less time than it takes to service competitive units.


  • Tested & Approved by Govt. of INDIA (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Best for Wheat & Paddy Straw.
  • New Design & Graphix and Safety Sheilds for Extra Safety.
  • Heavy Duty Transmission Gear and it is considerably more efficient in cutting.
  • Very useful in cane/paddy/wheat stubbles mulching.
  • The roots, along with these roots, make the hull flat and make the saw.Ensures Prompt after Sale Service.
  • Subsidy & Finance Available*
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