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BEW Rotary Rake

BEW Rotary Rake


BEW Rotating Rake

BEW Rotary Rake machine from BEW India A useful piece of machinery used in agriculture for hay and fodder operations is the rotary rake machine. The purpose of this device, commonly referred to as a rotary rake or hay rake, is to windrow up chopped fodder material for later processing, such as baling or ensiling.

Features of Rotary Rake Machines

Rotating Arms: Rotary rakes have numerous rotating arms that project outward to collect the cut fodder. Rake tines that are affixed to these arms allow them to lift and windrow the forage material efficiently.Tine Height Adjustment: The tine height can be changed to match various crop varieties and environmental circumstances. By adjusting to the unique needs of the fodder being collected, farmers can achieve optimal raking performance.Variable Working Width: Rotary rakes are available in a variety of sizes and designs with varied working widths. Due to their ability to choose a machine that best suits the size of their operations, farmers can ensure effective raking while consuming the least amount of time and energy.

The rotary rake machine’s headstock is pivotable, allowing for easier turning at the end of each windrow and improved maneuverability. This function guarantees effortless and effective raking around field obstructions like boulders or trees.Simple Attachment: Rotary rakes are frequently adaptable to many machinery, including tractors and harvesters. They are simple to attach and detach, giving farmers convenience and flexibility when working with hay and forage.These machines are made to handle the severe circumstances of agricultural work. Durability and Low Maintenance. To enhance lifespan and save downtime, they are built with tough parts such sturdy frame structures and resilient tines.

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